[MPlayer-users] Playback problems in XBMP..

Markus Vidman markus.vidman at telia.com
Mon Jan 5 16:48:39 CET 2004

Hey guys, first of all i have to congratulate you for mplayer, great

BUT, here comes the shitty part, i know that you guys are working with
the develpoers of the XBMP/XBMC for Xbox. And i'm having problem
watching xvid movies. First i thougt that it could be the xbmp version
so i installed the latest one but the problem persisted. So then i
booted my laptop using debian 3.0 and mplayer. When i started to watch
the movie in  linux using mplayer there was another problem, after a
while the xvid movie starts to lag.

The thing is that when i watch the movie on xbmp then the movie freezes
after about 1 minute. And in mplayer (debian) it starts to lag. BUT when
i watch the movie in windows (using windows mediaplayer and xvid codec)
then the movie works perfectly!

So i wounder if there is something wrong with your codec or player? Have
you got complains before about this or am i the first?

Well, i look forward to hear from you real soon.
Best regards

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