[MPlayer-users] cmp/subcmp/precmp failure

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Sun Jan 4 17:56:49 CET 2004

I used cmp/precmp/subcmp options several times, setting them to the same
value (2 or 1). But now I'm trying to encode a DVD (an old "Born to
Defend" Jet Li movie), and mencoder (cvs version with cvs libavcodec)
coredumps. It happens on a certain frame when trying to use both cmp and
subcmp parameters. Precmp doesn't matter. I can run mencoder with
cmp=2:precmp=2 or subcmp=2:precmp=2, but with cmp=2:subcmp=2 mplayer
coredumps (in add_pixels_clamped_mmx function from dsputil_mmx.c, to be

When trying different values (although I don't know there is any sense
in it), it behaves strangely. It coredumps with any subcmp (1/2/3) when
cmp is 2 or 3, but if cmp=1, only with subcmp=2.

Also, everything happens only when using v4mv; when turning it off, any
cmp values work good.

I can't provide backtrace - it contains nothing except function name
when mplayer is compiled without debug and contains nothing at all, only
"??" symbols when compiling with --enable-debug=3. Don't know why it

I thought about uploading this vob file, but it's so huuuge and I have
only a modem connection. It happens on 6'th minute, is it possible to
cut a fragment from vob file?



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