[MPlayer-users] mplayer-plugin

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Sun Jan 4 09:23:54 CET 2004

lør, 03.01.2004 kl. 21.17 skrev Corey Hickey:

> I don't know about plugins, but I can play that just fine with the usual
> command-line mplayer:
> $ mplayer -playlist \
> 'http://www.nrk.no/dynasx?p_lenke_id=261548&p_artikkel_id=&mswmext=.asx'
> Note the quotes around the URL; if I don't put them my shell (bash) sees
> the "&"s and thinks the command before each ought to be immediately
> backgrounded, with the part afterward being the command to follow.

Bless you Corey, but (and my shell is normally ksh, but):


Resolving www.nrk.no for AF_INET...
Connecting to server www.nrk.no[]:80 ...
Resolving www.nrk.no for AF_INET...
Connecting to server www.nrk.no[]:80 ...
size_confirm mismatch!: 22611 28271
Error while parsing chunk header <<===== !!!
Unknown protocol: http <<===== !!!
asf_streaming_start failed
Unable to open URL:
Option stream url: This URL doesn't have a hostname part. <<===== !!!
File not found: 'dynasx?p_lenke_id=261548&p_artikkel_id=&mswmext=.asx'
Failed to open

Unfortunately I don't have the experience in this field to understand
what mplayer is telling me - so I can't do much about it :)


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