[MPlayer-users] Nobody nows ...

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at optushome.com.au
Sat Jan 3 15:53:02 CET 2004

> what -vc codec should I use to play lavc-mpeg4 through the mpegpes 
> output TV ?

You don't need any -vc switch.  It's automatic.  But why are you trying to 
play an MPEG-4 file through an MPEG-2 DVB card?  DVB is MPEG-2 only, so there 
is no need for your card to have a separate decoder for MPEG-4 as well (hence 
the message about the incompatibility.)  MPEG-4 is not MPEG-2 (you don't see 
many DVDs around in the DivX format, do you??? ;-))

If you leave off the -vc switch but use the proper -vo switch, mplayer should 
automatically decode the MPEG-4 file and re-encode it as MPEG-2 for the DVB 
card, assuming your CPU is powerful enough to do the conversion in real time.


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