[MPlayer-users] Quicktime Sound Woes

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml at fatooh.org
Sat Jan 3 11:10:11 CET 2004

Logan Rathbone wrote:
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> I have been trying for a very long time now to get new-ish Quicktime movies (like the ones from www.apple.com/trailers) to play with mplayer.  I'm running Ark Linux, which uses an ALSA 1.0pre (not sure which one exactly, but I don't think that's too relevant)
> Anyway, I placed all the binary codecs from mplayerhq.hu into /usr/local/lib/codecs, and attempted to play a Quicktime movie.  Here's the output I got -- hopefully you guys will be able to understand it better than me.
> MPlayer dev-CVS--3.3.2 (C) 2000-2003 MPlayer Team

This doesn't say the CVS time. Did you compile mplayer using the source
from mplayerhq.hq, or is it from a third party? Anyway, I can't know if
I should tell you this or not, but: Download the latest CVS from
mplayerhq.hu and recompile. If that doesn't help, send another mail
(with mplayer output again).

> Playing http://a772.g.akamai.net/5/772/51/649c6a93b2ad86/1a1a1aaa2198c6279707                    73d80669d84574a8d80d3cb12453c02589f25382f668c9329e0375e8178af967e03faf187bef6                    4d63baedd50c0298df26491fe5fcd2c5e/spider-man_2-tsr_320.mov.

Those dang akamai URLs aren't very copy-and-paste friendly... anyway, it
works just fine with my mplayer.

> ==========================================================================
> Opening audio decoder: [qtaudio] QuickTime Audio Decoder
> win32 libquicktime loader (c) Sascha Sommer
> Standard init done you may now call supported functions
> loader_init DONE???
> loader_init DONE!
> Error no 12
> VirtualAlloc(0x0x66800000, 4259840) failed
> External func COMCTL32.dll:17
> External func COMCTL32.dll:16
> Unsupported QuickTime version (0x172e9330)
> InitializeQTML:268498899
> ADecoder preinit failed :(
> ADecoder init failed :(
> Cannot find codec for audio format 0x324D4451.
> Read DOCS/HTML/en/codecs.html!

This is the section to look at. The "Unsupported Quicktime Version"
message might be telling.


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