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Sat Jan 3 09:25:57 CET 2004

Le 01/03/2004 03:33 AM, Adam Nielsen a joliment écrit :

> Because once I've found the proper start and end frames, I need to encode the 
> file a few times to find a bitrate that gives me an exact file size (and so 
> far trial and error seems to be the only way to do this, even in two-pass 
> mode.)  Having the starting and ending frames like this means I can automate 
> the whole process - I just put the bitrate, start and end frames in a file, 
> run my script, and several hours later out comes a Matroska file.

Try 3-pass method :

first :

temps='-ss 147'

nice -19 mencoder $fichier -o frameno.avi -ovc frameno -oac mp3lame\
          -lameopts cbr:br=320 $temps

At the end, this pass gives you indications about what bitrate to use if 
you want to save your file on 1 or 2, 700 or 800 mb CD's.
You can extrapolate for other use.

then 2-pass :

nice -19 mencoder $fichier -ovc lavc \
     -oac copy -o /dev/null -vf pp=lb,crop=$crop $temps

nice -19 mencoder $fichier -ovc lavc \
     -oac frameno -o film.avi -vf pp=lb,crop=$crop $temps


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