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Hakon Gunsen hakon_ at everyday.com
Fri Jan 2 19:24:55 CET 2004

Here are some suggestions for improving the dumpstream feature.

1)  It seems like dumpstream overwrites existing files. I think this shouldn't happen unless the user has explicitly stated that it should, by some -dumpfile-overwrite=yes
This is significantly risky when you don't use a -dumpfile argument, because it's then more likely that there already is a file called "stream.dump".

2)  I have recorded a stream, but there is some redundancy before and after the relevant content. So I'm interested in cutting those outer parts. If the -ss flag could work also with -dumpstream (currently it is ignored) and if #3 here is also implemented, it would be fairly easy to achieve this.
I have a hunch you'd say mencoder is better suited for this task, but currently it cannot output only audio. Besides it feels more safe with -dumpstream as it is not able to recoding and thus giving quality loss.

3)  There should be a way to stop a dumpstream at a certain time, even if it has not reached its end.
For example, I record a program from a 24h live stream on the net while I'm not at the computer. Then I need to stop it at some of course. Only way I know is to run an "at" cron job to do "killall mplayer". But there is a problem if I have two recordings at the same time. Then the other recording will be killed too, even though it's just the first one that's supposed to quit.
So I think there needs to be something like -endpos in mencoder. For example:
  $ mplayer stream -dumpstream -quit-at 19:30:05
  $ mplayer stream -dumpstream -quit-after 30:05
I assume the latter is to prefer, as it's necessary to rely on filled time on the clip rather than just the clock, because otherwise rebuffering would eat from the stated recording time.

Thanks for any comments.

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