[MPlayer-users] Playhead suddenly rewinds to beginning & sticks

Scott Stoll scottstoll at gawab.com
Mon Dec 27 10:39:15 CET 2004

Oddball problem...

I'll be watching a vid, no problem. Suddenly, the playhead goes
into a fast rewind, like a fast queue function that renders a
frame now and then as it runs backward. It then hits the
beginning and begins to oscillate the first 3 seconds of
playback and then jumps back to the beginning over and over

Sometimes this happens after a few files have played ok but then
a new file is loaded, sometimes it happens on the very first
file loaded when mplayer is started and sometimes it happens as
soon as I manually select a new chapter in a DVD.

It's happened on commercial DVD's and WMV formated files
andevery time it's happnened, it's been at parts of files that
the player has played flawlessly before. Some of the WMV files
have played flawlessly from beginning to end several times and
then suddenly this issue arises. Due to this problem, it's
impossible to watch more than a couple chapters of a DVD.

*SuSE 9.1 Personal
*KDE 3.2
*AMD XP2000+
*Motherboard: "MSI K7 Mainboard" KT3 Ultra2 with the VIA KT333
*ATI All In Wonder (old school)  ( I have another, newer AIW
card that conflicts with the KT333 chipset but it's not in the
machine right now).
*512 DDR RAM
*DVD is a Liteon but that wouldn't affect other files that have
the same problem.

Thanks for any insights as to what I can do about this.

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