[MPlayer-users] Status of dfbmga driver in latest release

oschista at chello.no oschista at chello.no
Wed Dec 22 10:21:40 CET 2004

Could someone with a matrox G450/550 let me know if the TV out on the second head works with directfb in the latest release versions? The reason I am asking is that I had to do a lot of digging around to get this working with my current mplayer build; 1.03pre3. I eventually found a patch on the gentoo forums that worked for that particular version, and I've been running that build ever since. 

It now looks like I'll have to recompile mplayer to fix xvid playback (ffmpeg only works for a few xvids, the same goes for odivx) and I'd like to upgrade to the latest stable release if possible.

Specifically what I need support for is DirectFB 0.9.20's matrox accelerated framebuffer driver; dfbmga. I launch mplayer with -vo dfbmga:crtc2:spic, to get a picture on my TV. I know that mplayer supports this driver, however I could not get an image on the TV until I located that patch, last time around. 

Ville Syrjälä used to maintain a matrox-tvout-faq which included mplayer instructions, but his FAQ is now a year old and presumably stuff has been going on with mplayer's driver since then. Any pointers would therefore be much appreciated.


Ole Andre Schistad

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