[MPlayer-users] mplayer can't determine subtitle format useing the switch sub

Ulrich Schweitzer us- at gmx.de
Tue Dec 21 08:36:38 CET 2004

On Tuesday 21 December 2004 00:42, Heine Laursen wrote:

> Why can't mplayer display the subtitles useing -sub?

-sub only works with text-based subtitles.

> but I want to run the subtitles through mplayer useing dumpmpsub and
> dumpmpsub requieres the sub switch to read subtitles!

You can't.

> The hole idea is that I want the subtitles split up in 2 parts, so they
> match to a avi file who are split in 2.

Put all vobsub files on both cds and insert
delay: -hh:mm:ss:ms
before the first timestamp-line in the .idx file of the second cd. 
hh:mm:ss:ms of course being the length of the avi on the first cd.

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