[MPlayer-users] Problem playing an .avi

Jon Morris jon at noga.cc
Mon Dec 20 04:46:13 CET 2004

I am having an occasional problem playing .avi's recorded from a tv tuner (using Freevo if that matters).  The .avi file is created just fine.  The problem is when I try to play back the file.  There is a long pause (15 mins + depending on the file size) before the playback starts.  I have encountered this on ~300mb, ~600 mb, and ~1.8gb files.  The latest is the larger file.
I thought this may be an indexing problem.  I tried `mencoder -ovc copy -oac copy -o fixedfile.avi -forceidx brokenfile.avi`.  When I try to play fixedfile.avi, nothing ever starts playing.
Is there anything else I can try to salvage this file?  My mencoder version is 1.0pre5-3.3.3.

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