[MPlayer-users] Re: video out onto two screens - terrible framedrop with audio on

Andrey Khavryuchenko akhavr at kds.com.ua
Thu Dec 16 08:57:25 CET 2004


"RD" == Reimar Döffinger wrote:

 RD> You really need to give more info. Which version of the mpmult.sh are
 RD> you using? 

This one:



mkdir -p -m 700 $dir
cd $dir

mkfifo $dir/stream.yuv
mkfifo $dir/mp1
mkfifo $dir/mp2

(cat stream.yuv | tee mp1 > mp2 ) &
mplayer -nocache -quiet -vo x11 -display $disp1 mp1 & 
mplayer -nocache -quiet -vo xv -display $disp2 mp2 &
mplayer -nocache -vo yuv4mpeg -slave -quiet "$1"

cd $cwd
rm -rf $dir

 RD> which vo and ao? 

-ao is esd or oss - doesn't matters.

 RD> Best give full -v logs for all instances.  Also, if it does framedrop,
 RD> that's because you enabled framedropping.  Disable it. 

I'll try it and if it persists will post -v logs.

 RD> But I actually think that maybe your video card simply isn't fast
 RD> enough to do two video streams.

Well not.  Two separate videos (even three) with _separate_ audio streams
it plays w/o problems.  If I play the same file with separate instances of
mplayer it does ok.  Framedrop is only when I du mpmult.sh

 RD> It could also be caused by the rare task switching by 2.4.x kernels if
 RD> you use that, using -cache in the slave instances _might_ help
 RD> then. I'm sure there are more possible reasons.


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