[MPlayer-users] Edited mpeg4 file and index/seeking prob

Barton Bosch bartonbosch at SoftHome.net
Thu Dec 16 07:04:23 CET 2004

Some people mentioned avidemux as an app for cropping mpeg4/divx 
files so I checked it out.  It seemed to edit well enough but the 
file that it produced won't play nice with mplayer.

When an mplayer index is genereated and saved the computer stalls 
out for the longest time before beginning playback (the wings fall 
off) sometimes requiring a hard reboot, sometimes eventually playing 
the file and sometimes killing mplayer.

The file in question is 8.6 GB but the larger unedited source file 
was 17.6 GB and mplayer handled it with a minimum of fuss.  Is there 
a known issue with mplayer and avidemux edited divx files, or just 
files generally?  Are there other linux options for simple editing.



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