[MPlayer-users] Scaling and expanding when encoding tv

Barton Bosch bartonbosch at SoftHome.net
Mon Dec 13 21:40:26 CET 2004

RC wrote:
> On Sat, 11 Dec 2004 16:21:31 -0800
> Barton Bosch <bartonbosch at SoftHome.net> wrote:
>>I gather that it is best to keep the w and h dimensions 
>>divisible by 16 and also in a 4:3 ratio.  Which is more important if 
>>they are mutually exclusive?
> Multiples of 16 is much more important.  There's really no reason at
> all to restrict yourself to a 4/3 aspect ratio.

Ok thanks, I thought that the 4 filters that rescale to 1.33 on 
playback might lower quality more than doing it during encoding.

It seems that I have a functional basic encoding command for my 
setup.  The next thing to do is to iron out the periodic 
framedrop/jumpcut every 30 - 60 seconds or so.

Is this caused by the 29.97 frame rate?  How do you all deal with 
this?  Would it be better to set the tv card's capture rate to 25 or 
27 in the -tv options?  To set the fps to 25 or 27 in -lacvopts?  Or 
maybe dealing with it on playback with the general mplayer -fps option?

A link to good general mpeg4, mpeg2 and tv recording tutorials would 
be much appreciated as well.



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