[MPlayer-users] [BUGREPORT] Crash with dvsd codec and large file (take 2).

DOm angelus.dei at tiscalinet.it
Mon Dec 13 11:08:01 CET 2004


mplayer crashes when i play particular dv file acquired under windows
with a pinnacle software. The acquired file in 5.5Gb in size, it can be
an indexing problem, but i'm not an expert.

Anyway, i recompiled mplayer with debug and largefile support, and made
a backtrace.

I put those informations here:

Playing only a small part of the entire file does not crash mplayer, but
the latter shows only garbage video.

I put this test file here:

This file does _not_ crash mplayer, it is simply not played correctly
(i presume).

Hope you can fix those bugs, i'm not the owner of the camera and i do
not know if i can re-acquire the video :)

Best regards,

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