[MPlayer-users] Quicktime/mjpeg question

Roberto Togni r_togni at tiscali.it
Sun Dec 12 22:45:44 CET 2004

On 2004.12.12 19:25, Julian Sikorski wrote:
> I get this when trying to watch one of nasa videos:
> [jsikorski at DOMOWY jsikorski]$ mplayer -v 68*
> MPlayer dev-CVS-041211-12:05-3.4.1 (C) 2000-2004 MPlayer Team
> MOV: Track #0:
> MOV:  Track header!
> tkhd len=84 ver=0 flags=0x0 id=1 dur=45625 lay=0 vol=0
> MOV:  Edit atom!
> MOV:   Edit list table (1 entries) (ver:0,flags:0)
> MOV:     entry#0: duration: 45625  start time: 0  speed: 1,0x
> MOV:  Media stream!
> MOV:   Media header!
> MOV:   Handler header: mhlr/vide (appl) Apple Video Media Handler
> MOV:   Media info!
> MOV:    Video header!
> MOV:    Handler header: dhlr/alis (appl) Apple Alias Data Handler
> MOV: unknown chunk: dinf 28
> MOV:    Sample info!
> MOV:     Description list! (cnt:3)
> MOV:      desc #0: SVQ3  (95 bytes)
> MOV:      desc #1: SVQ3  (95 bytes)
> MOV:      desc #2: jpeg  (70 bytes)
> MOV: WARNING: Variable FOURCC detected!?
Problem is here, MPlayer does not suport variable fourccs

> MOV:     Sample duration table! (3 blocks)
> MOV:     Syncing samples (keyframes) table! (50 entries)  
> (ver:0,flags:0)
> MOV:     Sample->Chunk mapping table!  (153 blocks) (ver:0,flags:0)
> MOV:     Sample size table! (entries=1141 ss=0) (ver:0,flags:0)
> MOV:     Chunk offset table! (305 chunks)
> MOV track #0: 305 chunks, 1141 samples
> pts=45625  scale=600  time=76,042
> EL#0: pts=0  1st_sample=0  frames=1141 (76,042s)  pts_offs=0
> ==> Found video stream: 0
> Image size: 640 x 480 (24 bpp)
> Display size: 640 x 480
> Fourcc: jpeg  Codec: 'Photo - JPEG'

MPlayer selects the codec for jpeg format, but the file is probably  
I don't have this file (can you give an url?), but usually when you get  
the variable fourcc message is because there is the 1st frame encoded  
with a codec and the rest of the movie encoded with a different codec  
(yes, in mov files you can change codec in the same video track, and  
yes, that's stupid imho)

If the mov header is not compressed you can usually "fix" this by  
opening the file with an hex editor (or a text editor that does not  
messes up the file, i use the one from midnight commander) and replace  
the "jpeg" string with "svq3"; svq3 codec will spit some errors but  
then it will work (make a bakup first, and don't touch anything else).  
mov header can be at the beginning (usually) ot at the end of the file.

> I can only hera the sound. I use essential codec package, cvs  
> MPlayer. What is wrong? Is this an unsuported format?

I'd say mov format is wrong :)


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