[MPlayer-users] libdv.so.4 error?

RC rcooley at spamcop.net
Sat Dec 11 06:59:31 CET 2004

On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 22:13:35 +0000 (GMT)
Max Russell <max_russell2000 at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> I have downloaded and made MPlayer and got this:

Well, do you need libdv support?  If not re-run configure with
"--disable-libdv" and re-make for a quick fix.

If you do need dv support, see if libdv.so.4 exists on your system, and
if it does, add path to it in /etc/ld.so.conf

If the file doesn't exist, you probably just need to remove
and re-install libdv (and -dev packages if using RPM/DEB/etc).

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