[MPlayer-users] howto get mplayer to see toolame on

Stephen Stocker lpar at par1.net
Sat Dec 11 06:05:52 CET 2004

>I have toolame installed in /usr/lib64
>ls /usr/lib64/libtool*
>in mplayer configure I have
>   --with-toolamedir=/usr/lib64
>Checking for mad support ... yes
>Checking for Toolame ... no (using /usr/lib64)
>Checking for OggVorbis support ... yes


  A couple of things come to mind. First, do you have the 02m-beta8
  version of toolame? That may be the only version which is compatible,
  I'm not sure.

  More likely, you have a header file missing from the libtoolame
  directory. The easiest thing to do is just copy the whole directory to
  wherever you want it (cp -vr toolame-02m-beta8/libtoolame /usr/lib64/)
  and use --with-toolamedir=/usr/lib64/libtoolame or whatever.

  Hope this helps. 


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