[MPlayer-users] Re: Re: video out on two screens

Stefan Seyfried seife at gmane0305.slipkontur.de
Fri Dec 10 17:31:55 CET 2004

On Fri, Dec 03, 2004 at 08:38:28PM +0100, Ulrich Schweitzer wrote:

> If you intend to distribute it, I suggest you put in
> PWD=`pwd`
> and
> cd $PWD
> as first and last lines, respectively. It is very bad form for a script to 
> return in a different dir than the on it was called from. Otherwise 
> people might nuke their system by calling something like
> mplmult.sh && cd .. && rm -rf *

only if they are calling it with
. mplmult.sh
and then they deserve it :-)
The script runs in a subshell and wherever you chdir in it, it won't affect
your cwd.
Stefan Seyfried

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