[MPlayer-users] playlist file syntax

Jack lt at speakeasy.net
Thu Dec 9 23:31:37 CET 2004

Ulrich Schweitzer wrote:

>Obviously with my approach options would have to be allowed to be 
>specified several times with the most recent being the one that's used. 
>...to easily include the main title and several extras of a dvd.

I see.  Then you would need some sort of flag to flush the options, 
though, something like

///// dvd-device=/mnt/reki/fightclub aid=129
///// dvd-device=/mnt/reki/hero slang=en
Radiohead - Creep.mpeg

... it seems like files needing mplayer options would be the exception, 
rather than the rule, though, so having to clear your options every time 
might get a little tedious.  It might be easier to have a flag to repeat 
the options of the previous entry... /////sameopts or something.  Either 
way, it would work out well, I think.


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