[MPlayer-users] playlist file syntax

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Thu Dec 9 19:58:12 CET 2004

Carl Karsten wrote:

<snip minor deconstrution of both sides and "prepare self for flames">
>> There is no hard cut-off point as to what is an acceptable
>> character other than what the underlying filesystem itself will
>> allow.
> mplayer is cross platform and even "cross fs", so there is no "the
> underlying file system itself"

In every specific instance, there is. The "underlying filesystem" in
question is, or should be, "the filesystem on which this file will be
stored", and can change from one file to the next; the program itself
should not care in the least what filesystem that is.

> Also, using the limitations of something else seems very short sited.
> Some day the limitation of the something else may be eliminated, and
> then the limitation will still exist for no good reason.

I've tried to make a point along these lines at least three times, and I
don't know how well I've succeeded, but you seem to have encapsulated
one of the better arguments I'd left out.

       The Wanderer

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