[MPlayer-users] reflexion of the movie

compn tempn at twmi.rr.com
Sat Dec 4 04:42:36 CET 2004

> Hi,
> On Friday, 03 December 2004 at 19:08, compn wrote:
> > >I see the up-down reflexion of the movi when use gmplayer.
> > >What can be the problem??
> > >Thank you.
> > 
> > try -vf flip
> > or add vf=flip to gui.conf or config.
> Your mailer breaks threading. There's no In-Reply-To: or References:
> header. Please fix that.

hehe, it seems to work when someone sends me an email that i reply to.
otherwise when i copy and paste from pipermail, and make a new mail,
and send to the list, it doesent stay in thread...

i'm subscribed but i dont recieve emails, i see this breaks threading.
what to do? ... i dont want entire lists taking up my inbox, and i dont
send too many mails. i can see it buggin people, should i only reply to
the sender and not to the list?

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