[MPlayer-users] Problem with -vo cvidix (2)

Lorenzo Milesi lorenzo.milesi at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 14:24:45 CET 2004

here my dmesg about radeonfb


radeonfb: Retreived PLL infos from BIOS
radeonfb: Reference=27.00 MHz (RefDiv=6) Memory=390.00 Mhz, System=180.00 MHz
Non-DDC laptop panel detected
radeonfb: Monitor 1 type LCD found
radeonfb: Monitor 2 type no found
radeonfb: panel ID string: 1024x768
radeonfb: detected LVDS panel size from BIOS: 1024x768
radeondb: BIOS provided dividers will be used
radeonfb: Power Management enabled for Mobility chipsets
Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 128x48
radeonfb: ATI Radeon NP  SDR SGRAM 64 MB

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