[MPlayer-users] Alsa fails in Slackware 10.0

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>Subject: Re: [MPlayer-users] Alsa fails in Slackware 10.0
>Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2004 16:24:36 +0200
>> > 0: bt87x
>> > 1: bt87x
>> > 2: snd-emu10k1
>> > 3: snd-cmipci
>>What order does lspci report the cards are in?  If it's the same you
>>could try physically moving the cards into other slots to see if that
>>changes the order...
>>Of course if everything is compiled as modules it should work loading
>>the snd-* ones first.
>Until: To make things easier I'd like to know what snd-bt87x actually does. 
>My object was to record sound from tuners without the cables. To actually 
>(re-)move this module is currently the only way to put my primary sound 
>card as slot 0 so I can run aRts with all the KDE apps.

I've removed the snd-bt87x.ko module so the Live! Player loads first now.

Does this mean I can not attempt to pull sound from tuners without the patch 

I'm now running kernel 2.6.7, someone tells me 2.6 works better. I have two 
tuner cards but I'll save one patch cable for xawtv use...

What's the proper way to pull sound from a Pinnacle PCTV Pro directly from 


Roger Andreassen.

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