[MPlayer-users] Subtitle also using http/url

Hendri Hondorp hendri at cs.utwente.nl
Tue Apr 27 18:22:14 CEST 2004


Is it possible to get the video file from the network using a URL
together with a subtitle file (also from the network?). Maybe 
the URL need to be changed to (for example: http://server.com/movie.avi&sub=http://server.com/movie.smi).

Because mplayer puts the video file in a temporary directory (/tmp)
(if not streamed) it should be possible to store the subtitle file
there too and it runs.

For one of our experiments we need to change subtitle on the fly, so
using a webbrowser with mplayer (for Linux) is an option. But how?

When using Windows (Window Media Player with SAMI subtitles) it works.
When the name of the subtitle file and the videofile are the same the
subtitle is loaded.

Can someone help me?

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