[MPlayer-users] Pan downmixing + LFE Problem

Tashfeen Bhimdi tbhimdi at bhimdi.com
Mon Apr 26 20:36:32 CEST 2004

Hi all, I just joined this list after hours of going through the 
archives trying to find a solution to my problem (no solution was 
found), so hopefully somebody can help me out here.

I installed linux a couple weeks ago, so I'm relatively new at using it, 
just switched to MPlayer a couple days ago after using Xine (I installed 
mplayer initially but thought it was CLI only so uninstalled it, mistake 
since I'm liking mplayer more than xine now).

Anyways, here is my problem...

I've got an audigy installed in my computer which is hooked up to my 4.1 
speakers (Klipsch Promedias 4.1), all running Fedora with latest ALSA 
drivers with MPlayer version 1.0-0.9.20040415.1.fc  What I'm trying to 
do is set up mplayer to downmix 5.1 channel audio into 4 channel audio 
so that I can watch 5.1 movies nicely (using the speakers test avi from 
http://www.tfm.ro for testing,  it's quite nice).

The problem is that mplayer doesn't want to mix in the .1 (LFE) channel 
into my two front speakers, but it does mix in the center channel just 
fine.  The same avi and same system work great in windows, I can hear 
all 5.1 channels through my 4+1 speaker system (well hear/feel the .1).

Here is my config file if it will help:

vo = xv
ao = alsa1x
double = yes
bandwidth = 4000000
stop-xscreensaver = yes

I even changed 2 lines above to these to see if it would help:

Trying to simulate a 5.1 setup, but mixing the center+lfe channels into 
the other channels and outputting nothing in the center/lfe channels.

Even this wouldn't output the LFE, but it would output everything to 
every channel just fine:

It doesn't help, all configs work great with FL,FR,RL,RR,C, but no LFE 
at all, not even with the alsamixer settings all set to max and speaker 
volume up high.

So here my questions:

1) Any fix to mix the LFE into the FL and FR channels? (like WinDVD in 
2) Does mplayer even decode the LFE channel?
3) Does mplayer downmix the LFE channel or just truncate it?
4) This a (un)known bug?
5) Is my first config correct?

I really don't want to boot into windows just to watch a 5.1 movie, I 
hope somebody can help.

Thanks all.

Tashfeen Bhimdi

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