[MPlayer-users] Can't pipe VOBs to mencoder...

Brian briandt at shaw.ca
Thu Apr 22 09:58:31 CEST 2004


Latest version: MPlayer 1.0pre3try2

Compiled with 'lame' support - no additional codecs.

VOBs copied using vobcopy with description.


cat /vob/*.VOB | mencoder -oac copy -o /dev/null -ovc lavc -lavcopts 
vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=1000:vhq=4:vpass=1 -vop scale=640:480

I can and have ripped from many DVDs but have had no luck with piping into 
mencoder. Am also unable to input multiple VOBs in any manner.

Any ideas?

Thaniks for your assistance.

I would also like to thank A'rpi (I am sorry you have become discouraged - 
perhaps a break is good) and all the other fabulous developers for a truly 
fantastic product.


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