[MPlayer-users] TV-Out without XServer

Kristian Niemi rance at mbnet.fi
Wed Apr 21 18:59:00 CEST 2004

Well ... As I said, I don't know anything about your card or how to make 
it work. For my ATI-card I have to use a separate program in order for 
it to `send the signal to the tv', after which I run mplayer to play, 
for example, the movie.

For me to be able to watch movies without X, I use vesa. Nothing else 
works for me. Have you tried with other alternatives? (See -vo help to 
see those alternatives.) I really don't know if for example fbdev or 
directfb works without X; doesn't hurt to try, eh? But I'm still 
guessing you'd need something to `send' the signal to the tv. Can you in 
any other ways watch `computer on tv'; i.e. use something else than 
mplayer that `shows up on your tv'?

(Oh, and I just want to emphasize that I really don't know squat about 
this. I'm just a newbie who happens to have struggled a lot with tv-out 
recently, and managed to soak up /some/ knowledge in the process...)

h: Kristian

Thorsten wrote:
> Hi!
> It's a fileserver and router which should support playing my mp3 and
> movies on my hi-fi and tv. It would not make much sense to run a xserver
> it think.
> On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 18:35, Kristian Niemi wrote:
>>I don't know what works for your card, how you get tv-out. Personally I 
>>have a ATI card, and use the atitvout-program. (atitvout & mplayer)
>>Exactly what's not working? Why can't you use X?

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