[MPlayer-users] a bug

Ville Saari 113762 at foo.bar.org
Tue Apr 20 02:03:33 CEST 2004

On Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 05:36:09PM +0200, Tomasz Bury wrote:

> The player that "babysits" more than mencoder is... mplayer.
> This can be considered as a bug because mplayer and mencoder are family.
> But on the other hand mencoder's users should require less babysitting
> so mayby you're right that saying it was a feature...

I would prefer them being as consistent in their babysitting level
as possible. It's wonderful that I can use mplayer to discover the 
correct decoding and filtering options for a movie and then just
copy the command line options to mencoder.


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