[MPlayer-users] vbitrate command isn't respected

Jack lt at speakeasy.net
Tue Apr 20 00:39:01 CEST 2004

rds_correia wrote:

>Hi there,
>I've been using mencoder and mplayer for a couple of months now.
>I mean under Windows XP with the official builds and my own compilation.
>I use VOB sources or Fake AVI produced with makeAVIS(FFvfw) so I can use 
>Avisynth scripts which are similar to those native to mencoder but a bit more 
>My question is that vbitrate doesn't seem to be respected by mencoder.
>I'm shooting for MPEG2 704x576 to be DVD compliant.
>Here is my commandline batch file:
>mencoder -include zMEnc.ini d:\test\bttf_ma.avi -o d:\test\bttf_test.m2v
>And here is my config file:
>Can you verify this issue, please?
>Thanks in advance.
Someone should put this in a FAQ somewhere.

With such a high bitrate, it's probably just already using the lowest 
possible quantizer all the time.  Use vqmin=1 (I believe the default is 
2), and the bitrate will get much higher.  But you won't see much 
increase in quality.  But then, if you're encoding for max quality and 
you don't care about file size (which it looks like you are), you should 
really be using vqscale=2 (or 1, if you /really/ don't care about size) 
instead of specifying a target bitrate. 

There's other ways to use more bits... I think if you add vme=1 the 
bitrate goes up, no idea how much impact that has on quality though. 
I've never tried to do what you're doing.  Good luck.


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