[MPlayer-users] Get jpeg's from seeked time

Eric Gibson egibson at cipcourses.com
Mon Apr 19 08:46:17 CEST 2004


I'm writing a script that creates thumbnails from movies, and I need to be able to
get a jpeg from a later time (lots of movies have a black frame as the first one)
but it doesn't work with:

mplayer -ss 15 -frames 1 -vo jpeg -jpeg outdir=tmp:quality=100 file.mpg

I see I could use "-frames 400" (figuring most movies have 24fps, and that's around
15 seconds), but it's slower and it's more logic than I want to use, trying to
figure out if the file had that many frames etc, if I don't have to.

Any thoughts?


PS: this program is awesome! I'm thumbnailing thousands of movies a day with it, and
it only segfaults like 5 times a day ;-). It can pretty much read anything. I was
expecting to have to use like 5 different programs, but it saved me a whole lot of
time. Much props!

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