[MPlayer-users] mencoder vobsubout and two subtitles

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Time to reply!

Citando a  Loren Merritt (lorenm at u.washington.edu):
> The easy way is:
> mencoder $filename -nosound -ovc frameno \
>  -vobsubout test -vobsuboutindex 0 -sid 0
> (repeat for each subtitle stream you want)
> This doesn't encode or even decode anything, so it takes negligible time.
> Note: Make sure to delete any leftover test.{sub,idx} before starting this
> demux. It works because mencoder simply appends the vobsubs to whatever is
> currently in those files, but that means it also keeps any junk from
> previous runs.
> Then encode the video without any -vobsubout options.
> --Loren Merritt

IT WORKS!!! :)

Thanks so much, my final script, as follows:


mencoder $filename -nosound -ovc frameno -vobsubout test -vobsuboutindex 0 -sid 1
mencoder $filename -nosound -ovc frameno -vobsubout test -vobsuboutindex 1 -sid 0

mencoder $filename -oac mp3lame -lameopts abr:br=128:aq=9:mode=0 \
 -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vhq:vbitrate=$vbitrate:autoaspect:vqmin=3:mbd=1:v4mv:vb_strategy=1 \
 -vf scale -xy 480 -zoom -mc 0 -sws 2

How did you figure it out? just by reading the docs? :)

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