justin case justin_case at gmx.net
Sat Apr 17 18:29:06 CEST 2004

hello everybody,

i think the tone being brought up here, because there is technically
something wrong, doesn't really help anybody to solve the issue, so
please be nice. i can also fully understand richard here.

from this thread i could read that richard is often experiencing peole
mailing questions to him directly, not only me.

there must be a cause for that, i thought and investigated a little

i figured something interesting:

over here the headers of THIS VERY thread start like this:
Return-Path: <mplayer-users-bounces at mplayerhq.hu>
so when i hit reply, wich i just did, that's where the mail goes.

in Re: [MPlayer-users] mga_vid not working ... Sent: Friday, April 16,
2004 7:13 PM they look like this:
Return-Path: <dalias at aerifal.cx>
rather clear what happens, when i hit reply there..

now i don't really believe that my mailclient would change a header so
drastically but i would like someone to check it, just to make sure.
if it is not my mailclient, then its either something with the list
settings or dunnowhat, but i start to suppose that richards problem
would reside.

so please everybody calm down and lets try to help each other to find
the cause for things as that is one of the intentions of a mailing list.

looking foward for peace ;)

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