[MPlayer-users] md5 checking

alvin.mpeg at ns.linux-1u.net alvin.mpeg at ns.linux-1u.net
Tue Apr 13 21:35:33 CEST 2004

hi ya caedes

> what about just putting the authorized movies onto the "public/shared 
> mpeg player" and give no access to internet/lan (or restrict 
> downloadfilesize) and no access to cdrom/dvd-drive?

unfortunately... the way the specs is, the movie player
downloads the movies from a remote corp master server and 
plays it locally for public viewing
the playlist changes every day :-)
> if the "scriptkiddie" is able to modify the playlist,
> it'll also be able to alter the md5s i guess
yes .. but they'd have to figure out where the player
is getting its md5's from
	- and once a script kiddie or others do get
	into the box, all bets are off .. they can do
	anything they want as long as they know
	why they got into the box in the first place

	- but we should be able to prevent automated
	scripts from making a mess

and besdies, if the script kiddie got into the box,
they can just as easily upload their own mplayer binary
even if ours is modified to minize the risk

just more things for (us/me) to worry about ...

c ya

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