[MPlayer-users] Re: ASF audio file unreadable

adland adland123 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 13 10:46:01 CEST 2004

> Is there a reason why I can't read/stream this ASF file with mplayer 
> (cvs-compiled)
> mplayer -verbose 1 -nocache 
> http://ms.bandeapart.fm/bap/albums/973/6573_h_07-Patience.asf

wget http://ms.bandeapart.fm/bap/albums/973/6573_h_07-Patience.asf

we see this is a playlist (a file which refers to another source).
you would think about using the -playlist option.

However the server in playlist is 192.168.XXX.XX
which is odd.

for more info you can see
RFC 1918 (rfc1918) - Address Allocation for Private Internets

next I did a packet capture without the playlist option using ethereal.

mplayer connects once and retrieves the playlist.
mime type returned was  video/x-ms-asf
data is 82 bytes and same playlist as with wget.

Then mplayer connects again (same server/same file)
using new user agent NSPlayer and some pragma options.

server returns 200 OK with pragma features="seekable"
and 3 packets (one 1368 bytes of data other 905 and 172 bytes of data)

in data we can see it is a windows media 9 stream header.
96 K bits
44 Khz (Stereo)
(A/V) 1 pass CBR

We connect again to (Same server a third time/ same path)
pragma now playstrm=1

we get in return same set of packets as before (same size).

it doesnt continue past this point to my knowledge


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