[MPlayer-users] Distorted audio when resampling in 1.0pre4

eyagerlist at chartermi.net eyagerlist at chartermi.net
Mon Apr 12 20:33:50 CEST 2004

I have compiled MPlayer dev-CVS-040410-12:03-3.2.3.  I am using the 
ALSA via82xx audio driver version 1.0.0rc2.

Due to the bugginess of the VIA audio chip, the sampling rate via alsa is
fixed to 48000 hz. Mplayer must always resample it's output to 48000 hz. 
Mplayer v1.0pre3 (with manual intervention) could properly upsample to
that rate without distortion.  v1.0pre4 cannot.

Here are some examples

MPlayer 1.0pre3

# mplayer -ao alsa9 file.mp3
	Plays too fast because the output isn't resampled to 48000hz.
	Output to alsa is whatever rate the clip was encoded at

# mplayer -ao alsa9 -srate 48000 file.mp3
	Always plays properly without distortion

# mplayer -ao oss file.mp3
	Plays properly in distortion in most cases.  Resampling occurs
	via the OSS emulation, but files with low sample rates (>22050) 
	are distorted.

Mplayer 1.0pre4

# mplayer -ao alsa1x file.mp3
	Proper pitch and speed, but the audio is slightly distorted.
	Mplayer automatically resamples to 48000hz.

# mplayer -ao alsa1x -srate 48000 file.mp3
	No change

# mplayer -ao oss file.mp3
	Most clips are free of distortion, except for some at low sample
	rates. Same as 1.0pre3

# mplayer -ao oss -srate 48000 file.mp3

	Same distortion as with using the alsa output driver.

Is anyone else having a problem with resampling?

eyagerlist at chartermi.net

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