[MPlayer-users] Re: how to stream .NSV video files (WinAmp-Nullsoft ones)

Levi kugeln at gmx.net
Mon Apr 12 04:28:54 CEST 2004

> > It's not a codec problem. NSV usually transports vp3 video and mp3
> > audio. MPlayer is not able to demux the NSV file.
> > NSV support was added to MPlayer G2, put never backported to MPlayer
> > G1. G2 is still in early developement phase.
> Attempting to play that URL ( with the
> current test-play version of MPlayer-G2 results in a cascade of
> try-and-fail with various demuxers, including one labeled [nsv]. It
> eventually identifies it as "[mpeg] MPEG TS/PS/PES/ES Audio and/or
> Video", but doesn't play anything.

IIRC from the last time I was using WinAmp, the *NTV sessions* channels 
(and several others) were being streamed over NSV using the VP6 codec. 
I've been trying (in vain, I fear) to find something *not on windows* 
that will play NSV streams.  Xine at least can play the audio
component of the stream--no video though.

At any given time there are 130-140 streams going according to the
winamp media browser, and most of them are in pretty good demand.

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