[MPlayer-users] DVD/DiVX reader - problem

Alain Barthélemy cassandre at bartydeux.be
Sun Apr 11 17:28:39 CEST 2004

Le mardi 23 mars 2004, 20:44:04 ou environ Martin Emrich <martin at emmerator.dyndns.org> a écrit:
> Am Di, den 23.03.2004 schrieb Alain Barthélemy um 09:54:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Sorry, maybe a little [OT] but can anyone advice a good (tested) DVD/DiVX
> > reader able to read MPlayer/Mencoder .avi files. I finally managed to make
> > relatively good (thanks to your help) Mpeg4/DiVX files but I would like to be
> > able to view them on TV. 
> I have a "Red Star DVD 420" Player (bought in Germany at "real,-" for
> 79EUR). I had no problems thus far, except with a video with qpel motion
> compensation (It complained directly with "unsupported codec QPEL"). It
> plays AVIs with AC3 Audio, too. It has tons of connectors, too
> (Component Video, Optical/Coax Audio, ...).
> Ciao
> Martin

I am using this thread because I started it.

I did find "Red Star DVD 420" but "YAMADA DVX-6000" that plays very well DVD's
and DiVX not made with MPlayer.

Here is my encoding:

$ mencoder dvd://5 -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:mbd=2:vbitrate=1600:amode=mp3|ac3 \
-vop  eq=10:5,crop=630:270:4:104,scale -zoom -xy 640 -oac mp3lame \
lameopts cbr:br=128:mode=0:vol=3 -o movie.avi

It is surely perfectible but gives very nice full-screen images on my old 15"
Compaq screen. Any suggestion to perfect it is welcome.

Problem with the "YAMADA DVX-6000" player (does not like lavc I suppose). The
image is good but the sound is a horrible noise. I thought that to change 'abr'
to 'cbr' would solve the problem. I almost succeeded once (almost because you
have to try many times before having a nice sound and there is apparently no
index because I can not do fast forward or fast backward without crashing the
play). The second trial I did not succeed.

As the player gives very good images with .avi files apparently not made with
MPlayer (with less efficient codecs I suppose), maybe somebody can suggest a
way to emulate less efficient codecs with MPlayer. I wonder what encoding
Martin (Emrich) uses with his "Red Star DVD 420" or Nicolas with his player. Of
course I can wait for the next firmware.

I thought of trying the Divx4 codecs but it is not implemented in my


Alain Barthélemy
cassandre at bartydeux.be
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