[MPlayer-users] -vf softpulldown seems slow <:/

Bruno nc41530a at vizzavi.pt
Sun Apr 11 01:26:58 CEST 2004


I've been testing MPEG-2 reencoding directly from VOB sources in a 
With my settings I can achieve up to 15 fps on PAL sources, but only 7 fps 
on NTSC.

This has been tested with both Cygwin and MinGW recent compiles, all of 
them compiled with runtime CPU detection.

The main difference between my PAL and NTSC compiles (DVD reencoding, no 
rescaling) is:

PAL: keyint=15

NTSC: keyint=18 and vf=softpulldown

Since all that softpulldown does is look at the MPEG-2 RFF flags and copy 
a field I can't understand this performance issue. Any ideas?

Sorry to bother you with this, I'm sure you have more important issues to 
solve :)


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