[MPlayer-users] Re: mplayer > 1.x doesn't recognize my radeoncardwith vidix

justin case justin_case at gmx.net
Sat Apr 10 15:43:56 CEST 2004

> another thing he could try is to go back to starting MPlayer in
> administrator mode (open console, type "sux", enter password,
> type gmplayer.). It worked beautifully for me. (MPlayer 1.0pre3)
> One thing I noticed was the drastic quality difference between
> using the XFree drivers and ATI's own drivers. With ATI's own
> drivers playback quality was on par with programmes like WinDVD.
> With the XFree drivers things looked rather pixelish and lacked detail.

do you mean as root? i am root, since the pc is a standalon player, normally
operated only via a remote-control, so i don't really have anything to

sux is not a known command on my system, but since you wrote "enter
password" i assume, you meant "become root". could use su -.


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