[MPlayer-users] DVD-playback with MPlayer 1.0pre3

Patrick Libuda patrick_libuda at web.de
Fri Apr 9 18:18:02 CEST 2004

The playback quality in DVD-mode with vidix is brilliant when you use ATI’s own drivers. With the drivers included in XFree86 the display is more ‘pixely’ – both in vidix and xv modes.
It would be nice, however,  if you could follow the example of the Xine-project and include the DeScaler de-interlacer (including greedy high motion). Interlaced material would look considerably better.

Unfortunately Mplayer seems to forget the video mixer settings (brightness, contrast etc.) when you skip DVD chapters or jump backwards. After every jump you have to readjust the mixer settings.

Unfortunately I had to delete MPlayer again as the version I had a look at apparently included DeCSS code and that is unfortunately illegal in Germany after they passed the new copyright law. Apart from that I am very impressed with MPlayer.
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