[MPlayer-users] Problem - need to un-install Mplayer

info at dorseygraphics.com info at dorseygraphics.com
Wed Apr 7 19:35:45 CEST 2004


   I am using Mplayer with MythTV for video playback. It appears that my 
Mplayer was broken during installation. When I was installing, the 
terminal died right at the end of the installation. I tried to install 
it again and I got a message that I am already using the latest version 
of Mplayer.

   Now, Mplayer will not play DVDs or MPEG video.  I just get a black 

   Now, MythTV and a number of other apps are dependent on Mplayer. If I 
remove it, Linux also wants to remove these other apps.

   How do I un-install Mplayer and replace it?

Thanks - need help badly. New to Linux.


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