[MPlayer-users] MEncoder Vobsub Rendering

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Wed Apr 7 18:14:22 CEST 2004

Thomas Christensen wrote:

> Hi mplayer-users
> I am encoding avi files with vobsub subtitles to SVCD, and I was
> wondering if it is possible to render the vobsub subtitle onto the

Assuming you mean "burn the subtitles into the video", it should be just
as possible as doing the same with any other kind of subtitle MPlayer
can show on a file while playing it.

Speaking of which, *is* this possible? Long-past mailing list discussion
seems to indicate it, and there is a vague hint in the man page that it
is, but nothing I have seen explains *how* to do it. My best guess is to
simply specify the subtitle file when encoding, but I've never heard
either a confirmation that this works or a report that it doesn't (and I
don't have a video/subtitle-file pair to test for myself right now).

It if *is* possible, perhaps a description (however minimal) of how
should be added to the documentation. If it isn't, then that should
definitely be mentioned somewhere, given how many times this sort of
question has been asked (and how little attention it's gotten from
anyone other than me).

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