[MPlayer-users] Bad video with directfb under kernel 2.6

Curtis Magyar cumagyar at mts.net
Wed Apr 7 03:50:59 CEST 2004

Please forgive me if this question has been answered before.  I tried
searching the archives, but I'm not sure what terms to search in order
to find mail about this problem.

I'm trying to get MPlayer (CVS from April 5, 2004 tarball) working under
kernel v2.6.5 (or any 2.6 kernel for that matter).  I'm using an ATI
Radeon 7200 All In Wonder connected only to a VCR via composite using
the framebuffer. There is no monitor connected.

The video appears black and white, and very grainy.  The problem occurs
with the directfb, and fbdev vo's.  The output looks normal using ggi,
fbdev2, and vesa.

To illustrate the problem, I've connected the composite out from my
radeon to my Hauppauge WinTV on another box, and taken a screenshot of
my Resident Evil DVD playing under kernel 2.4 (video is fine), and then
under 2.6 (bad video).

( These images will disappear at some point so anyone searching the
archives in the future may get a 404 )

This also happens with other videos, not just DVD's, so I highly doubt
it is a Macrovision issue which I suspected at first.  

The display looks fine running other DirectFB applications like fbsee
(an image viewer), which leads me to believe this is an MPlayer issue,
and not a DirectFB issue.  I have tried recompiling MPlayer and
DirectFB, but that did not solve anything.

Does anyone know how I can correct this, or if it is a known problem and
in need of a solution?

Please let me know if mplayer output or kernel config is needed to help
diagnose this, and I'll be happy to provide it.

Thanks very much in advance.

Curtis Magyar

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