[MPlayer-users] multiple CD avi encoding

Hans du Plooy hdp at webmail.co.za
Tue Apr 6 11:21:28 CEST 2004

Alain Barthélemy wrote:

>I discovered "avisplit" delivered with transcode.
>To split an 1400Mb avi file in two:
>avisplit -s 700 -i file_to_split.avi
Thanks! Definitely worth a try.  I also realised I can make one 1.4gb 
avi, and split it with mencoder -ovc copy -oac copy and use the -enpos 
and -ss switches, since mencoder's produced avi's index would be correct.

>With tcprobe, equally delivered with transcode, you can first check which video
>bitrate to encode with mencoder to have exactly 1400Mb.
This is what you get from three pass:
Pass 1:  encode audio - mencoder then gives you the desired bitrate for 
650mb, 700mb, 800mb as well as 2x650mb, 2x700mb, 2x800mb


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