[MPlayer-users] multiple CD avi encoding

Hans du Plooy hdp at webmail.co.za
Tue Apr 6 01:22:06 CEST 2004

Hi guys,

Here's a question out of curiosity.  When you make divx/xvid avi encodings of 
a DVD on two CDs, how do you go about splitting the movie in half?

I use the -endpos and -ss commands, but his has two side effects: 

1. The two slices aren't always the same size, even if I timed it to be 
exactly half the time.
2. Some vob files have incorrect indications of how long the movie is.  If I 
play the vob, and press "o" it shows me how long it is, but sometimes this 
number is incorrect, resulting in me having do it all over again.
3. If I do a three pass encoding, mencoder will, on the third pass, start 
reading the video where I specify with -ss (except when the vob file's time 
field is corrupt, then it's trail&error), but it will read frameno.avi from 
the start.  Which means I have to re-encode the audio on the second half of 
the movie.

So, is there a nice clean way to split an avi of say 1400mb in half?


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