[MPlayer-users] Re: Does radeon_vid.so support Radeon 9600XT cards?

Sebastian Kaps seb-keyword-mplayer.729994 at toyland.sauerland.de
Sat Apr 3 11:21:10 CEST 2004

Hi Vladimir!

SK> lspci shows "Radeon RV3*5*0 AR" as the chip's name :-?

> 9600 _XT_ is RV360, if you have it, pci database contains an error. If
> you have 9600 Pro, error is in the Nyk's patch.

I have a 9600XT chip (Asus Radeon 9600 XT). The WinXP driver also says
9600XT (otherwise I would be pretty p*ssed ;-). So it seems to be an
error in the pci database. Where's that information stored? Maybe I can
correct it and submit a patch (to lkml?).

Ciao, Sebastian

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