[MPlayer-users] xvid

Alexei Khlebnikov a.khlebnikau at sam-solutions.net
Fri Apr 2 19:12:44 CEST 2004

On Fri, 2 Apr 2004 13:41:13 -0300
"Pablo Morales" <pablo.morales at abitab.com.uy> wrote:

PM> I've got a doubt, I'm encoding using xvid and I found me_quality, range from
PM> 0 to 6, how do I interpret that.
PM> 0 better quality? or 6 better quality?
PM> Using xvid instead livac seems to solve  my problem that mplayer uses the
PM> bitrate it  wants regardless the one I specify in vbitrate=X

LAVC MPEG4 codec don't use full bitrate if it is not needed, i.e. if maximum
quality with your settings has been reached. The common advice in this case
is to increase the resolution to gain more quality.

If developers don't think its pointless - they can change LAVC codec so that it
uses P frames instead of (some) B frames, and/or I frames instead of (some)
P frames if bitrate allows. It will largely increase bitrate and slightly improve
quality. Maybe XVID does just that.
(I will certainly be flamed for such suggestion :)

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