[MPlayer-users] Re: Custom resolution using mplayer

Stefan Seyfried seife at gmane0305.slipkontur.de
Tue Sep 30 09:09:37 CEST 2003

Frédéric MELLE <fmelle at libertysurf.fr> writes:

> I own a Sanyo PLV-Z1 VP and the best way to use it is to feed him with
> 960x540 resolution. Does anyone know how to do that with mplayer ?
> Putting "screenw=960" and "screenh=540" (native LCD pannel of Sanyo
> PLV-Z1) does change display from 800x600/60Hz (default) to 1024x768/60Hz
> but I can't achieve to 960x540 custom resolution. Is it due to the video
> driver (set vesa:vidix,vesa) in mplayer.conf ?

I'm not sure about vidix, but with VESA you probably won't get a
resolution of 960x540 (there is a table in VESA bios, which defines
possible modes). With a good framebuffer driver (you didn't tell
about your hardware) you can define your own modes, also this is
possible in X

> I must be more precise : I use mplayer under GeexBox and I don't have
> access to X

Isn't geexbox a mini-linux-distro? Why not use a real Linux install and
use X?

Or just use 800x600 and let the LCD panel scale. What a machine is this 
using such a strange display resolution?

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