[MPlayer-users] Real audio/video streams with mplayerhelp pls!

wmuydyf02 at sneakemail.com wmuydyf02 at sneakemail.com
Mon Sep 29 18:01:49 CEST 2003

> why can't I listen/view regular http://%*****/*.rm(ram)

Try using the switch "-playlist" (without the quotes). Usually the .ram 
files are playlists (often with only one entry). MPlayer claims that it is 
falling back on trying to parse the playlist, but this doesn't work. 

I believe that without the "-playlist" switch, MPlayer for some reason 
prependes an "http://" to the rtsp:// URL(s) in the .ram file, but I'm not 
sure about that (I saw that once in the ~/.mplayer/gui.url file).

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